Foreigner Loan Singapore

Flexible and Practical Foreigner Loan Packages

Cash Express provides foreigner loan with a variety of loans packages to fit the needs of foreigners living and working in Singapore. Having been in business for more than 10 years, we have the capacity to provide customized loan solutions to applicants depending on their needs.

Send in your application for a foreigner loan, provided you have a valid employment pass and you have enough disposable income to support loans repayments. Our staff members are professionally trained and they will help you through the loan application and approval process so that you have the most pleasant and convenient experience throughout.

At Cash Express, all we need from you is a demonstration of a steady monthly income and proof of physical address. Once we have these, we will work on giving you the loan that you need within the least amount of time.

Foreigner Loan Singapore

At Cash Express, we understand that no two people will have the same financial capacity, even if they are earning the same salary. This is why our team of credit professionals have drafted a number of foreigner loan Singapore packages which are split according to a number of factors. You can choose the package that best suits your unique needs in order to ensure you draw maximum benefit from your plan.

In addition, if none of the packages suit your needs, you will be directed to one of our credit professionals. You can speak to him/her about your unique needs and he/she will help you by tweaking the plan to give you real benefit from your loan.

This includes flexible repayment terms as well as a few other perks that are unique to our company. Come to our offices or call in to be directed on how to apply if you need a personal loan. Our services are open to permanent residents as well as expats and other professionals working in Singapore for various lengths of time. Call us if you have any concerns or queries, and we will be happy to help.


Foreigner loans are typically more expensive than personal loans for Singaporean citizens because of the additional risk of lending to non-citizens. Even so, Cash Express provides the most competitive lending rates on the market, so you can expect to receive service that best fits your budget.

In addition, we don’t charge any penalty for early redemption of your loan in case circumstances change and you have to leave the country for instance.

Fill up our loan application form for your foreigner loan solution today.